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Our Staff

Jeffrey Radkowski

Jeffrey Radkowski is a Funeral Director and President of the Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home, Inc. Being of service has always been important to Jeff. Prior to joining Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home, Inc. Jeff focused his efforts servicing clients for two reputable financial institutions. After spending a number of years in the Pittsburgh area, Jeff and his wife, Kate, decided it was the proper time to move their family back to St. Marys where they look to continue to be of service to their community. Being back in town, Jeff looks forward to similar experiences for his children as he had growing up and finding new ones for them from which they can grow and learn.

Louis Radkowski

Louis Radkowski is a Funeral Director and Supervisor of the Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home, Inc. It is no secret that Lou has been an integral part of the funeral home over the years and a longstanding committed member of the St. Marys and Elk County communities. Lou and his wife, Monica, continue to set an example of what it means to be a steward to the region.  By following the stewardship lead of those that welcomed them to this area nearly 50 years ago, Lou and Monica join their community peers by contributing countless hours and resources to the area so that it can be a great place to live.  Recently, Lou has found the fortune to spend more time with his grandchildren, has committed to improving his Pinochle game, and continues to support those lunch spots in the area any chance he can get.

Darcy Geci

Darcy Geci is a Funeral Director at the Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home, Inc.  To say that Darcy does it all, would be an understatement. She is empathetic, thorough, and handles any situation with poise. She has been a dedicated member of the Lynch-Radkowski team for over 20 years and has spent the majority of her life in Elk County. Darcy balances management of the office and quality time with her four children seamlessly and with ease.

Aaron Pfoutz

Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home, Inc. has been fortunate to have Aaron Pfoutz as part of its staff for over 20 years.  Aaron has a vast background of experiences ranging from a large local manufacturing firm to heading the youth ministry group in town. Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home, Inc. has had a strong lineup of “right-hand-people” and Aaron is certainly on that list of reliable individuals that bring a lot to a business and even more to one’s community.