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Obituary Support

Writing a life-affirming obituary

In preparing an obituary, you might consider that it can mean a lot to others to read more than the mere facts about the life and heirs of the person who has passed on. A good obituary can, in just a few words, stand as a lasting appreciation of the person who has passed on, and ideally remind others about the gifts they brought to their family, their community, even their country. Here are a few ideas to reflect upon as you prepare some final words about your loved one.


  • What are people most likely to remember about them?
  • What would they want to be remembered for?
  • Did they hold religious or other spiritual convictions worth mentioning?
  • Did they serve in the military?
  • What were the values they held dearest?
  • What important value did you receive from them?
  • What important lesson did they teach?
  • What were the ties to the community that they held dearest? A place, an organization, an event, an activity.
  • Did they play any special role in the community or in the family?
  • How did they inspire and help others?
  • Did they have any hobbies or engage in any activities that seemed to define who they were?

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