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Hometown Funeral Direction

Locally owned and locally operated by the Radkowski family since 1976, we are one of Elk County’s preeminent providers of funeral, memorial, and cremation services, offering our iconic Center Street facility as a comforting place to grieve, to offer solace to the living, and commemorate the lives of those who have passed.

At times of loss, it is often a great comfort to return to cherished traditions. To find ourselves in a familiar place, with old friends. To receive the heartfelt condolence of people who shared our love for the one we have just lost. To tell stories, and to slake our sorrow with enduring memories of the happiness they brought us in the past. It has been our singular mission to provide such a space, and offer such services, to our friends and neighbors in Elk County.

Past Obituaries

Why Choose Us


We are celebrating our fourth decade as one of Elk County’s preeminent providers of funeral and memorial services, and are trusted by local families to direct about half of all funerals in the region each year.

Personalized service

One of our three licensed funeral directors is on duty 24/7. You can count on our professional personal attention from your first call until you’ve said your last goodbye.


We are expert not just in preplanning funeral details, but in arranging insurance for final expenses, servicing existing policies, claiming available benefits, and even protecting assets upon entering long term care.

Sending a Tribute of Flowers

A carefully assembled flower arrangement is a comforting, beautiful, and time-honored way to express reverence for the departed and remind the bereaved that you are with them in their difficult time. Visit the Flowers page for a directory of local florists who can help you make the perfect choice.