Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home



Families from Saint Marys and the surrounding areas count on Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home to provide caring and compassionate services in their time of need. For the past 35 years, Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home, Incorporated is family-owned and operated by Louis and Monica Radkowski. They purchased the business from Joe and Angie Lynch who started it in the 1950s on Washington Street.

In 1963, the Lynchs purchased the present location at 169 Center Street and added on the funeral home at that time. During Lou’s ownership and the growth of the business over those years, the building and parking lot were enlarged to better serve the community.

The success of the Lynch-Radkowski Funeral Home is very dependent on the citizens of the area and that is why Lou and Monica feel strongly about supporting local businesses whenever possible. This can run from landscape and grounds maintenance, facility renovations, transportation services, office supplies, and other products or services used in the daily operations. Whenever possible, the building and grounds are decorated for holidays and special events within the community. Through the donation of time, talents, and treasures, Lynch-Radkowski supports many individuals, local organizations, schools, and charities.